Splinter Song
Splinter Song
Living the Lyrics of the Cross


Christine Willard

I'm a child of God, a mother of three lovely daughters, and a wife to a crazy mountain man poet. We recently moved back to the States after living in Oxford, England for two years while my husband worked on his PhD in Theology. We were there pursuing dreams, wandering the English countryside, and taking in a little scholarly wisdom.

A year ago, you could find me scouring the Oxford bookstores for rare, first-editions, but these days I'm trying to make a home for our family here on the Second Acre in Charlotte, NC.

 I love to drink cream with coffee,  find the hidden art in homemaking, and read great literature.  Although I received my Master of  Arts in Theological Studies over a decade ago, I find my days filled most with the theological intrigues of young minds being formed and the memories of Oxford rain falling. 

You can find my musings on faith, family, and Oxford living here. If you want to receive my blog posts directly in your inbox, just sign up below. Thanks for stopping by!