Hello there, I’m Christine Willard.

I’m a western Pennsylvania girl living in south Charlotte. Go Steelers! I married a Viking (not really, but kinda) and love homeschooling my three daughters (affectionately referred to as the "pixies."). We spent two storybook years living in Oxford, England while Tim finished his doctorate. This blog was birthed from that experience. 

I also write for The Edges, a multi-contributor blog site I founded with my husband, Tim. 

Here at splintersong, this blog is all about living the lyrics of the cross. There is a song that pours forth from those splintered hands. It is a song of hope, glory, and wonder. Each day we have the opportunity to live the lyrics that transform the lense through which we view life.

Lyrics that give purpose, joy, and life.

This is what I hope you find here. A place that will inspire you to dream big, live large, and think deep. The cross of Christ changes everything, and this is where I want to be: living it's lyrics.

I hope my blog encourages and inspires you to follow Jesus with abandon. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!