Hey you, I'm so glad you stopped by. Iā€™m Chris, mama to three pixies and wife to one Norse-man. Welcome to my blog. I write about living the lyrics of the cross. Lyrics of life, love, faith, and the pursuit of beauty. I hope we become dear friends. 

Girl On Fire

I heard Simon preach it, as we climbed into our seats that Sunday morning back in Oxford. "The only antidote to being 'burnt  out' is to be 'burnt up' with the Holy Spirit." 

I'm in need of some good burning up of the Spirit. I've been feeling a little burnt out these days, an international move followed by four stateside moves and now again, another major move. Living out of suitcases, gathering pixie clothing for the upteenth time, scooping up books and toys, trying to figure out if that important business document is still en route from England across the Atlantic or in Lancaster County or maybe it got left behind in North Carolina?  

I need some burning. Some holy fire to call rain down on me.

I stumbled across this verse in Titus. "Who gave himself for us, so that he might make us free from all wrongdoing, and make for himself a people clean in heart and on fire with good works." (2:14, BBE)  A people ... on fire with good works. Right now, I'm just smoking. How many days do these embers burn with only the vapor of smoke? Burnt out, stressed out, I'm anything but ablaze. As the children of God, we should have the scent of God all over us. Our God is a consuming fire. What he touches is purifying, powerful, pervasive.

Tinder Box Souls

Too often I think the secret of success is in the doing, the staying on top of things. If I can check off all my boxes and cross all my "t's" surely I had a successful day. But when John Wesley, that Anglican minister and theologian who played a leading role in the Holiness movement, was asked about his success, he responded, "I set myself on fire and people came to watch me burn."  

I want to be a girl on fire. I want a tinder box for a soul. This vacuum is waiting to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and where He is, He consumes. The Israelites experienced it standing at the mountain, how there was no form, only the sound of words being spoken out of a fire. Clouds. Commands. Consumption. 

A tinder box soul is created in the sculpting of a tender spirit. A spirit tender to his words, his commands. When the moving gets to me, when I feel like I might lose my mind if I have to remember one more time which box that toy is in, I tender my spirit. Let his fire-breathing words wash over me. And ask to be consumed.

From Idleness to Incendiary

It's so easy to fall into the complacency of idleness. The American dream lends itself to tricking the soul into thinking this is what it's all about. But living abroad, I've discovered I want something more. I want a life that is incendiary. These idle hands, these idle words, these idle thoughts need to be consumed with the flame of You.  

I can choose to melt down or let Him consume me. Even if it's a slow burn, let me burn! Jim Elliot, martyred at the hands of those Auca Indians, prayed, "Light these idle sticks that they may burn for thee."  

It's getting warm here.  I can feel the flames encroaching. The burn-out consumed by the burnt-up. The heat of His Spirit consuming within.

And all the way my Savior leads.

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