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A Call To Trust The Lord

A Call To Trust The Lord

“...don’t live in dread of what frightens them. Make the LORD of Heaven’s Armies holy in your life. He is the one you should fear. He is the one who should make you tremble. He will keep you safe.” (Is. 8:12b-14a)

I read this passage in the wee hours of the morning. It had been a hard night with the youngest pixie. Ever since Zion was young, whenever she gets a cough it sounds like she is struggling for every breath. Fear was starting to dig its talons in me and as I lay wide awake listening to her relentless cough, I pulled my Bible off the nightstand.

I’m reading through Isaiah now, and as I picked up where I had last left off, the subtitle of the passage sent a wave of peace over me as His Spirit confirmed this was A Call To Trust The Lord.

Living In Dread

Too often I live in dread of what frightens me. I can think the absolute worst and play it out in my mind. I hit rewind on the narrative over and over. What is worse, I can live in that dread. Afraid to do things or take adventures that might otherwise bring joy and peace.

We are meant to be kingdom seekers. We are meant for so much more than cowering in fear or worry.

Dread is the tool of the devil. He likes to replay in our mind worst-case scenarios, anxiety-ridden story lines. His strategy is sure: Live in dread.

There is usually an object of our fear. One thing, maybe two, or perhaps a litany of things we fear. There is a proneness in each of us to fear, especially when dread surrounds us.

Make Him Holy

How do we escape from living a life of dread? How do we rise above the fray and fears that cripple our spirits?

Make the Lord of Heaven’s Armies holy in your life.

Make God holy. Recognize Who He is in light of what our fears represent. The Sovereign God of the universe has all power available at His disposal. His providence is sure. He is sure. And He is for us.

If I fear Him, I won’t fear man or calamity. He is holy--completely other. When we truly grasp this, we will look at the world differently. Holiness puts everything else in perspective.

Honor Him by regarding Him as your only hope of safety. He is your peace.

When our fear of God increases, our fear of man decreases.

I find a direct correlation between courage and time spent in awareness of Who He is. The more I read His Word to me, and pray His promises over my fears, the more courageous my spirit becomes. Fears cower in light of His power.

“The believing fear of God is a special preservative against the disquieting fear of man.” (Matthew Henry Commentary)

The Lord of Heaven's Armies is the One who is on our side. He has all of heaven's armies at His disposal. We need only rest in His providence and sovereignty.  

He will teach us how to walk with Him. To move step by step in courage. A heart fixed on Him is a heart full of faith.

"Were we but duly affected with the greatness and glory of God, we should see the pomp of our enemies eclipsed and clouded, and all their power restrained and under check."


The Lord left me with this promise in Isaiah 8:14 to close my eyes to that night: “He will keep you safe.”  He would keep Zion safe. He will keep us safe no matter what path He has us on. We need only make Him holy in our lives.

Fear of God = Peace of Mind. Rest. Security.

The original version of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep perhaps says it most beautifully:

When I lay me down to Sleep,
I recommend my self to His care;
When I awake, I give my self
up to His Direction,


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