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Behold The Lamb

Behold The Lamb

This year we decided to try something new for homeschooling. We were led to Classical Conversations, and after much prayer, we decided to enroll the girls. One of the things I love the most is that the girls learn the entire Timeline of World History. It is one of their favorite things about CC.

We are currently about to make the big age transition from BC to AD. As the girls began learning this stretch of the timeline for the week, the timeline date ends with John the Baptist. The Timeline song, a catchy beat which helps the kids learn the history, contains a big crescendo at the most pivotal point of history: the coming of Jesus the Messiah.

But we aren’t quite there yet, so Zion’s tutor, who is amazing, had the students whisper John the Baptist in anticipation of the great climax of Jesus the Messiah. 

In Bible, we’ve been studying John the Baptist and his pivotal role in heralding the coming of the Christ. All I can hear in my head as the pixies anxiously await the crescendo, the turning point of all history, is the cry of John:

Behold the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world

Behold the Lamb of God!

All of history rests on His coming. This God-man stepping foot on earthly soil, touching blind eyes with his own human hands, bleeding drops of blood, crimson with love.

Behold Him.

The One Who came not to make sick people better but to make dead people alive.

His blood took away every sin. Every lie. Every fear. Every burden. Every single sin.

Behold Him.

Behold Him today in your kitchen. Behold Him today in your car. Behold Him today in your bedroom. Behold Him today in your heart.

We were dead. Now we are alive.                                                      We were slaves. Now we are free.                                                       We are forgiven of the debt that was around our necks.

The Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world takes the things we have done and turns them into victory.

Behold Him for He is coming soon. In the blink of an eye, every eye will see Him. Every tongue will confess the Lamb of God indeed washes away every stain of sin.

Behold He is coming soon…

“Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him. Even so. Amen.” (Revelation 1:7)

Behold the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.

Peace, The Greeting Of His Flock

Peace, The Greeting Of His Flock

Your Strength

Your Strength