Hey you, I'm so glad you stopped by. I’m Chris, mama to three pixies and wife to one Norse-man. Welcome to my blog. I write about living the lyrics of the cross. Lyrics of life, love, faith, and the pursuit of beauty. I hope we become dear friends. 

The Wonderful Unknown

The Wonderful Unknown

And so the time has come. You board the plane, flying off to meet the wonderful unknown. What will be waiting for you? We have yet to see. But the adventure is there. It is inviting. It is terrifying. It is thrilling.

It all comes down to this, your viva. Three years of study, two years of living abroad, and countless hours of research all resting on two hours of your oral defense. The British sure know how to build the drama. And as my heart is pounding a million miles a minute, I pray that yours is steady and strong.

I believe in you, my love. You can do this. And so as I drive the pixies away from you, and say goodbye as you board the plane to London, Ingrid Michaelson is playing on the radio:

“Oh, nothing lasts forever
But the sound of love astounds me every time that it calls

Here we go, dancing on our own,
Inside this house that we have never known, never known,
Here we go, going it alone
Into the dark and wonderful unknown, let us go, let us go”

Let us go, my love, let us go into the wonderful unknown.

The Sound of Love

When I married you, I was promised a life of adventure. You delivered in every way. Life has been anything but calm since we met, took our vows, and stepped out together as one. Your love whisphered loud, “Come fly with me.” And off we flew.

The sound of love never fails to astonish me. Whether it’s a request to rub your back after a long day when I’m worn thin from the frazzles within, or the whisper, “Let’s adds some 'arrows' to our quiver.”

The sound of love is surrender. The sound of love is sacrifice. The sound of love is surprise.

“Let us go, my love, to England.”

He was calling you to something bigger. Something greater than either one of us ever dreamed. And so we sold it all. We loaded those pixies up with all their little hands could carry and boarded that plane. We lived the beautiful unknown for two years in the city of dreaming spires, more magical than we could have ever dreamed.

And now tomorrow, it all finds its fruition in those few hours.

Tomorrow, my love, you fly.

The Beginning and The End

The beautiful thing about the wonderful unknown is knowing that God finishes what He starts. Revelation 22:13 promises, “I AM...the First, and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” The mystery is that things are not quite finished yet. He will complete the work He began in each one of us. And that work is an adventure, if we will be brave enough to take it. It is a mystery waiting for a surprise ending. 

Let us go with Him. He holds the beautiful unknown. Here the great adventure lies.

Joseph Campbell said, “The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” My love, you already said “Yes” to the adventure. The path He laid out before us, you embraced. We traveled it together overseas, you poured over it in Lewis’ works, our family did what was uncomfortable only to find astonishment and wonder in the end.

And as you face your examiners tomorrow, as intimidating as they may be, I pray you know Proverbs 5:21, “For the Lord sees clearly what a man does, examining every path he takes.” He is the God Who Sees. He set you on this path. He is the One who examines it. He is your examiner. Rest in the peace that He sees what you have done.

And I hear the last line of the song echoing over and over:
“In the best way, you’ll be the death of me.”

May I die to myself a little bit every day, my love, in order to watch you fly.

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