Hey you, I'm so glad you stopped by. I’m Chris, mama to three pixies and wife to one Norse-man. Welcome to my blog. I write about living the lyrics of the cross. Lyrics of life, love, faith, and the pursuit of beauty. I hope we become dear friends. 

Let The Rest Burn

Let The Rest Burn

“Ashes from the flames
The truth is what remains
The truth is what you save
From the fire
And you fight for what you love
Don’t matter if it hurts
You find out what it’s worth
And you let the rest burn.”

The song blared over the radio, because if there’s one thing my man likes, it’s to listen to his music LOUD. We were off on a date night, long overdue. I felt like a teenager again, sitting across from a boy I was hopelessly in love with. Tim told me that he couldn’t stop listening to this song by Switchfoot. The power of the lyrics alone was intoxicating.

The sunset burns like gasoline
Touch me and make sure that I’m not dreaming
I see her face and my heart skips beats
But I still get the feeling that we’re half asleep and
There’s a spark in the corner of my baby’s eye
Like a distant star that won’t burn quiet
And I might not know what I want from this life
But I know I want more than the starting line.

So give me the fire
Yeah, give me the fire.”

Sitting there beside my man, I knew I had everything I needed in this life. Why does it take a rare date night to discover this beauty? When I reached for his hand, I felt decades of love wash over between us. This is worth fighting for, I thought. This is worth watching everything else fade away.

Let the rest burn.


“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” ~Matthew 6:19-21

Where is my heart? 

It took an international move for me to really look long and hard at this question. When Tim and I sold our home, most of our possessions, and moved over to England I was brought face to face with what I treasured. Things I thought I cared about, I discovered I could live without. Things I thought weren’t tethered to my soul, I found had sunk their talons into me.

“I've given too much of my heart away
My soul’s holding on like a house divided
Like a match it burns down like a masquerade
And I had to let it go when the fire ignited.”

The first few months were hard. Being stripped of possessions, securities, habits can form raw blisters on your soul. But we found life instead. We discovered the beauty of hiking through the English countryside with our girls. In rainstorms we packed all three pixies on our single Bob stroller and ran through the woods, laughing so hard we couldn’t distinguish the rain from the tears.

We unearthed the wisdom of having our groceries delivered. I could sit on my couch while the pixies painted and place my order. No running around looking for parking spaces, grabbing a quick lunch while I’m out, or running to “just one more store”.

We got lost in lover’s walks through the streets of Oxford every Friday night. We discovered the beauty in walking after dinner and talking, rather than just jetting to a movie. We spent hours on those cobblestone streets dreaming dreams and falling deeper in love.

My heart was getting lost in eternity. I found myself treasuring people not things, life rather than death.

When we moved back to the States, we decided to be intentional about the things that consume us. We decided to rent, rather than buy a home. We chose to be a one-car family, rather than a two-car family. We had learned the deadly power of rushing about. We saw with our own eyes what happens when we become intentional about the trips we make. How minutes in the car, become hours, and hours become years. Years spent running from one store to the next. 

Who wants to live that life?

Give me the fire.

“And all those lies that mattered most to me
Were draining me dry making a ghost of me
And if the house burns down tonight
I got everything I need, everything I need
There’s a fire coming that we all will go through
You possess your possessions or they possess you

And if the house burns down tonight
I got everything I need when I got you by my side.

And let the rest burn.”

And so I’ve got my man sitting next to me. We are driving down a road that has so many turns we often can’t see what’s coming. But we are tethered to our family, our dreams, our faith. There's a light in our eyes. We've got everything we need driving into eternity.

Let the rest burn.

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