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Where Does Your Glory Lie?

Where Does Your Glory Lie?

It struck me deep. Sitting silently in front of the fire, I read the words a second time, “On God rests my salvation and my glory.” (Psalm 62:7a) Is it really this simple? On God rests my glory.

In a world where we constantly feel the pressure to do, achieve, become, might the key to greatness, or better yet, glory, be found in rest? We wake at dawn eager to greet the new morning with our list of tasks, the demands of the day drumming an incessant beat in our head. Do this, go there, be everything to everyone at all times. We feel the pressure, and it releases anxiety like a drug.

And yet the truth of the matter is that our glory is not up to us. In reality, we have nothing to do with it. On God alone rests our glory.

Why do we believe our glory lies in the works of our own hands? We don’t have to strive to make our name known, get noticed, or “promoted”. We don’t have to fret and fear that we are not doing enough to “make it”. Our glory rests on God alone. And He thinks we are a masterpiece.

If we are living for an audience of one, His praise is the only praise that truly matters. God sets high, He also brings low. He causes kings to rise and fall, nations to gather and scatter. It all rests with him.

The lilies are clothed in splendor. Will He not use that same tender care to clothe us in His glory? He wraps us in His love, clothes us in His splendor, and surrounds us with His presence. This is glory.

The mystery of it all is that we have His glory already inside us. This treasure living in jars of clay. Could the paradox be to live life cracked and broken so that the glory inside can peak out?

“Conscious weakness as a preparation for service is one thing; brokenness is another. We may know that we are but earthen pitchers, like Gideon’s, with nothing of our own but the light within, and yet we may not have passed through the shattering that sheds the light forth. This does not mean something vague or imaginary, but intensely practical.” (Lilias Trotter)

The key to glory pouring forth from our lives is in the fractured, cracked, and broken areas of our lives. When we are at our weakest, He is at His strongest. These fissures in our lives allow the light of glory within us to flow forth. Glimpses of glory the world is longing to see.

Shattering produces glory.

Each new morning, I need to remind myself that no striving is necessary. Just shattering. Rest in Him, oh my soul.

What a beautiful thought that I can leave my glory to Him. It is in His hands. On God glory. And maybe, when I rest in this truth, I might discover the paradox that He is my glory. And that is all the glory I need.






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