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Can You Trust Him With This?

Can You Trust Him With This?

Most of us have at least one thing we find hard to completely let go of. It might be a decision looming ahead that effects the trajectory of your career. Maybe it is the fear of losing someone you dearly love. Or, perhaps it's the direction you should take in your next geographical move. Whatever "THIS" might be, can you trust God with it?

Tim and I have been married nearly seventeen years. I knew when I married him, we would live a life of adventure. I did not know exactly what that would look like, but I was in love with him and readily signed up for the ride. 

We've lived in three different states in those years, two different countries. One thing that has always been consistent wherever we have been is the call to trust. "Will you trust Me with this?" 

Our first five years of marriage were in a quaint little town in Pennsylvania. Amish country, serene farmlands, idyllic stone homes...Lititz offered a haven of rest. We worked with the youth group in our church and nurtured amazing friendships with the kids. The deep kind that result in unabashedly crying our goodbyes when we packed up to follow God's call to Atlanta. I remember asking, "Can I trust you God with THIS?": leaving these amazing students for the unknown adventure awaiting in Atlanta.

We lived in our friend's basement that first year in Atlanta when Tim began his writing career. It wasn't glamorous. It was humbling. Yet, we knew we could trust Him with this area in our lives. And we clung to that fact, even while questions and doubts stirred within.

I look back on that pivotal decision to move from the safe and comfortable in Lititz and now see the fruit of that choice. It all hinged on whether or not we would trust Him with THIS. Did we doubt we were on the right course at times? Probably. But we knew the voice of Him Who proves He is worthy of our trust, and where we placed our confidence made all the difference in the world.

Six years later, again, we would face the same question: Can you trust Him with this?

The call to move to England was unmistakeable. With a nursing baby and two other preschool pixies, I started the arduous process of getting our home ready to sell. Atlanta is not a small city, which means there are a lot of people, which means many house showings. It was overwhelming picking up after the wake of my two littles with a baby in tow. Some days we had several showings in one day.

Within the first week of listing, we had an offer on our house. Woo hoo! Two weeks later, the buyer's financing fell through and I was right back where we started: daily showings with baby and two littles underfoot.

And, again, a few weeks later, another offer on our house. Yes! This offer actually carried us through the whole summer up until the week before we were to move to England. And then the dreaded news: the buyers had to move closer to the city so were pulling out of the contract. 

When this second offer on our house fell through the week before we were to move to England, I questioned whether I could really trust God with this. What were we going to do? How could we sell the house from another country? What if it didn't sell?

Within a few days, we had a third offer on our house, a better offer. I look back now, in the midst of all my doubts and questions, and see God's goodness and provision. I had four months when our house was under contract that I did not have to do one showing. I could focus on packing boxes, procuring visas, searching for a new place to call home.

The beautiful mystery of Christ is that He always proves Himself trustworthy even in the midst of our doubts and fears. His track record is faithfulness. Always. Even if...the thing you most fear transpires, the path veers off-course, there is always a better plan with Jesus.

In humorous C.S. Lewis fashion, he puts it this way: 

"But of course these conjectures as to why God does what He does are probably of no more value than my dog's ideas of what I am up to when I sit and read. But though we can only guess the reasons, we can at least observe the consistency, of His ways."

So whatever THIS is for you today, lean into Jesus. Trust Him with this. Our solid plans cannot compare with His supernatural plans. 

Can you trust Him with this? Absolutely.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

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