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When The Waters Are Quiet

When The Waters Are Quiet

Life can feel like one storm after another. You tread one wave only to find another one crashing down around you. It feels more like drowning in your everyday then swimming above the surface.

But we have a God Who can still the waters.

We have a God Who can calm the waves.

I reread that old Bible story I’ve heard since I was three years old. I remember the flannel graph like it was yesterday, depicting the disciples in fear as the waves threatened them. They were out on a boat, in the middle of the sea, when a ferocious storm came upon them.

And what was Jesus doing? Sleeping.

He was sound asleep as the disciples became overwrought with fear.

How many times does it feel that Jesus is sleeping while we are overrun with worry? Our faith falters, wondering where He is. Will God show up? Is He listening? Does He know what is going on all around us?

Sleeping during the storm.

The disciples went and woke Jesus up, crying out that they were going to drown. What they did not know was that this storm was for their sake. The storm identified Who they needed to put their trust in. It revealed to them Who was ultimately in control. It uncovered their fear that needed to be surrendered to Him.

Christ’s response when He wakes reveals the deeper issue: Why are you so afraid?

Why are we so afraid?

Christ's frustration didn't lie in the fact the disciples woke Him from slumber but that they wasted their energy on their fears. He reveals to them the heart of the issue: their fears are a result of their lack of faith, “You of little faith.”

Faith can spring forth from the lowest of places. Even in the darkest storm. When hope seems hidden, faith can undergird our heart, strengthening us to believe in the storm what we have seen in the stillness.

And all it takes is one word from Jesus to calm the raging waters. He arose on the boat and rebuked the wind and waves. And the waters were still. Instantly. With one word He showed that He is Lord of all.

His word breathes life. His word shakes mountains. His word stills storms.

This is the One we follow. This is where our confidence lies. We should walk with a hushed certainty that He has already finished it all. “It is finished.” These storms will pass. The waves will subside.

And when the waters are still, we will look back and speak with full assurance of faith, “The Lord has upheld us with His hand.” (Psalm 37:24)

Sometimes it takes those Bible stories we’ve heard over and over again as a child to breath new life into our dry bones. A fresh wave of the Spirit to quench our thirst.

So no matter where you are today, no matter how high the waves pound against your shore, believe in the power of His word. Read His words of truth to you over and over. Speak His words of life out loud.

The wind and waves are no match for our God.

“He made the storm be still,
And the waves of the sea were hushed.
Then they were glad that the waters were quiet,
And He brought them to their desired haven.” ( Psalm 107:19-20)

It is all Him. May we sing His praise when the waters are quiet.





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