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The Decision of All Decisions

The Decision of All Decisions


It’s something we all need. It’s definitely something I want.

Some of us want deliverance from fear. We cower when life throws us curveballs.

Others need deliverance from addictions. That second helping of dinner or reality tv controls us.

Or, maybe it’s deliverance from shame. We cannot let go of the past and the mistakes we’ve made there.

Last week, I wrote about getting in the back seat and letting go of control in Be My Guide. Having a sick child for months showed me how “not in control” I really was. I had to learn to get in the back seat and relinquish what I thought was best. I had to discover the beauty of letting God be my Guide…and I’m still learning.

In our most painful journeys, God is taking us somewhere. As hard as it is to trust, He has a specific goal in mind. And we will never get to where we need to be if we don’t take a back seat.

But that doesn’t mean I have no obligation. I still have to do my part.

So what is my part?

I think I stumbled upon it the other day as I was reading Lilias Trotter during my quiet time.

“Come to the decision once for all: ‘Every known sin shall go—if there is deliverance to be had, I will have it.’ Put the Cross of Christ, in its mysterious delivering power, irrevocably between you and sinning, and hold on there. That is your part, and you must do it.”

Put the Cross of Christ between you and____________.

This is our part. We get to rely on the power of the Cross, holding it between us and whatever is keeping us from Christ.

The cross, in all its mysterious delivering power, illuminates and frees. Because, “If there is deliverance to be had, I will have it!” I will be delivered from this fear that rises every time I hear my child’s dreaded cough reappear. And how will I do it? By putting the cross of Christ, in it's mysterious delivering power, between me and the fear.

The cross carries divine power. The blood ran out for me, for you…for LIFE. There is no fear, dread, or shame at the cross but deliverance.

The cross delivers.

Wherever you are right now in your journey, pray this prayer in the struggle: “Lord, I put the cross of Christ between me and this fear, this sin, this______.” He longs to heal you. The Creator of your soul wants to breath new life into you. He wants you to burst with shouts of joy.

This is the decision of all decisions. To surrender to the cross.

“Is it an act, or a gradual process…It is both. It is a resolve taken once for all, but carried out in detail day by day.”

May we carry the cross before us each day…

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