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What You're Made To Do

What You're Made To Do

I think we make it harder than it needs to be.

This idea of figuring out what we are made to do.

I was talking with my oldest pixie the other day about what she might want to do when she grows up. We kicked around several options, and she landed where she normally does: “Mom, I want to watercolor the world.”

I love this. Lyric has an innate desire in her to explore, and record the beauty she sees. She lives her life in wonder. I pray that this doesn’t get squashed with the American dream.

“Well, honey, it’s really not practical.”

“Watercoloring the world? Why would you do that?”

“What will you produce?”

Our American culture thrives on production. The more we produce, the better we feel about ourselves.

Too often, this pours over into our spiritual life as well. We ask ourselves questions like, “What fruit am I producing?”“Why aren’t I doing more for the kingdom?” We look at the woman building an orphanage in Haiti and become discouraged we aren’t producing at that level.

But maybe that’s not what you were made to do.

What we’re made to do, each and every one of us, is quite simple: Abide.

We are to daily, hourly, every single minute, abide in Him.

Is it really that simple? Yes, I believe it is.

Maybe if we focused less on our production, and more on clinging to the True Vine, we might discover we really are doing what we’re made to do.

“Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the one, so neither can you unless you abide in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.” ~John 15:4-6

This is what you’re made to do.

If we are not doing this, we aren’t accomplishing a thing. If we are too busy “building His kingdom” to take the time needed to cultivate a relationship with the Gardner, it’s in vain. If we are so focused on figuring out what it is He wants us to do that we miss His words of truth abiding in us daily, we won’t produce His fruit. Yes, we may have a lot of “fruit” to show for all our labors, but is it the fruit that proves we are a disciple of Him?

Max Lucado writes in Anxious For Nothing,

“You’re trying to do what you can't do and forgetting to do what you’re made to do. Stop forcing the fruit. Your job is to hang on to the vine, to keep connected to the trunk. Get a grip! You’ll be amazed by what you will produce.”

What will you produce? Just think of the possibilities!

Crushing snakes, walking on water, healing the sick…His disciples were known for the power that came from His Holy Ghost. We were made to evidence His power to a world overwrought with sin, fear, and death.

Sharing with everyone who was in need, caring for the orphans and widows…His disciples were characterized by their love for one another. We were made to show His love to a world full of hate.

This is His heart: that we abide in Him, and then produce the fruit that shows His heart to the world.

Lilias Trotter describes beautifully the picture of being joined to His heart when we abide in Him:

“It was an old fir-trunk on the edge of the little wood—and it was such a revelation of what it means to be a branch! I had always thought of branches as stuck in somehow through the bark! But this stump, decayed away to leaving the skeleton visible, shows how they are knit together into one heart in the center—the little slender thing no thicker than a pencil, which joins them all. Whereabouts they come through the bark matters little: It is the tiny channel that joins them into the living heart that is the point that matters.”

When we are joined with Him, abiding in the vine, His heart unites with ours. We show the world fruit that will last. This is what you’re made to do. This is what we are all made to do. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s stunning.

Take the time today to consider what you might produce if knit together to Him. Dream of the fruit that comes from abiding in the Divine conduit.

And, maybe, one day, my friend, you will watercolor the world…

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