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All The Stories Are True

All The Stories Are True

All the stories are true.

Those stories you heard as a small child growing up in church…the ones that came to life with the flannel graph (Who couldn't believe those representations?)true.

The older we grow, the easier it is to dismiss these stories because we lose our childlike wonder as adults. Our pragmatic brains take over and we categorize everything.

To some, the Gospels are a myth. A story about a good man who did good things, but a myth nonetheless. But, what if the myth is actually not a myth at all? What if the myth is actually fact?

We forget that He really did walk on water. The apostle’s shadow healed people.

Water turned to wine.

Lions mouths closed.

Men walked inside fiery furnaces.

Staffs became snakes. Fire fell.

Lame walked. Blind saw. A Virgin conceived.

Bushes burned. Plagues tormented. Dead bones came to life.

Arms nailed out. Sky went dark. Temple veil tore.

There’s an empty tomb.

This man, Jesus, actually walked upon our earth, His blood poured out upon a splintered cross. He defeated death by rising from the grave. There’s a Ghost in the room.

The simplicity of the Gospel creates a complexity that beckons us to believe.

The writers of the Gospels could have recorded the story of a god who came to save the Jews and set up a kingdom on earth. Instead, this man, Jesus, walked among His people, healing those with sickness, preaching of a kingdom not of this world, washing the feet of his best friends. Dying on a cross. Defeating death with life.

It is this line of thought that was so instrumental in C.S. Lewis's conversion to Christianity. He writes in Surprised by Joy, 

"If ever a myth had become fact, had been incarnated, it would be just like this. Myths were like it in one way. Histories were like it in another. But nothing was simply like it. And no person was like the Person it depicted; as real, as recognizable ... yet also numinous, lit by a light from beyond the world, a god ... then not a god, but God." 

Not a god, but God

It is here, in Christianity, that Lewis found religion reached its true maturity. All the other pagan myths, were just that, myths. Religions of childhood. But, here, in Christianity, all myths find their fulfillment. The Gospel is the sum of all stories. Christ is the myth become fact.

All the stories are true.

I can’t stop listening to Crowder’s I Know A Ghost. The final song on the album,, Ghost, celebrates the victory of this truth: myth became fact. His Ghost is alive and burning strong. All the stories are true.

This ghost is a fire
A holy flame burning wild
Burning through the night
Burning with a light of a billion stars

His love is like lighting
Cracking through the sky
And burning through the rage
Burning through the pain of a billion scars

His ghost is inside me
Holy fire burning wildly
Burning through the things
That need to be erased to liberate my soul

Get ready, there's an empty tomb
Get ready, there's a ghost in the room
Get ready, even mountains move
Get ready, all the stories are true

Oh, friend, I’m so ready for Him to return. To touch the nail-scarred hands, for His voice to say my name, to see the heavens part.

For death to be done.

We're ready like a waiting bride
We're ready for Your bread and wine
We're ready to burst to life
We're ready for You to set things right.

As we enter into this Passion weekend, may we never forget the greatest story of all time is, in fact, true. All of history rests on His coming. This God-man stepped foot on earthly soil, touched blind eyes with his own human hands, bled drops of blood, crimson with love. And may we anticipate, “This same Jesus, Who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:11)

Even so…Come quickly, Lord Jesus. We’re ready.

It Is Finished

It Is Finished

I Leave You With...Peace

I Leave You With...Peace