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Clues to a Perfect Life (Part 4)

Clues to a Perfect Life (Part 4)

Today we end our series on Clues to a Perfect Life. I have so loved traveling with you as we discovered ways to make our days more complete.

It’s officially summer and though I love the crispness of Fall, I have to admit I will always be a summer girl. As a child, I would love the anticipation that the long days brought. No school, popsicles, swimming, catching crayfish at the creek.

These childhood memories made me long for summer days. There was something magical about catching fireflies at night and staying up late camping in the woods.

Life is magical. If we listen to the rhythm of our days, we will hear a melody louder than all the rest. What is the melody of your life? What clues can you discover in those days you wish would never end that you can intentionally integrate into your life?

“One perfect day can give clues for a more perfect life.”

The final three clues I discovered during our vacation time at the Outer Banks reminded me why we all need a beach vision …a reminder of what things really matter in the life we get to live.

I sat across from a friend at dinner last night who has fought her own fight against cancer. That morning, she bought a ticket to Barcelona on a whim just for herself. I laughed with her, rejoicing that she gets to live another day. Her vision for life is so much richer now. And this leads to the next clue I discovered.

Clue #10: Be Present in Today

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Although we know this, we don’t often live like it. My oldest pixie likes to suck all the marrow out of life. Her vibrancy for living convicts me daily. There is nothing too small for her to get excited about. She lives to exude joy.

This day, the very one you are living right now, is a gift to be savored. The future will take care of itself. But today, it waits in anticipation to be lived to the fullest. The past, it’s over. Today is not the time to be looking back in regret. He asks us gently to be in today.

When we were at Duck, I watched my youngest dance in the waves, rejoicing in the wonder. Arms thrown in the air, singing out loud for no audience but herself, I was captured by her joy. Uninhibited. Exuberant. Reckless.

This is how I want to live my days … present. Dancing in the shadows, knowing He sees me. Singing out loud in the kitchen, realizing little ears are listening.

Be present in today and you will see the gift that it is.

Zion dancing in the waves

Zion dancing in the waves

Clue #11: Transitions Need a Wide Berth

Oh how easy it is to loose sight of the day when we are rushing about. On a very practical level, this clue I discovered when we returned home. I had tried to squeeze in another homeschool lesson before we needed to be at art class. In my eagerness to cram it all in, I looked at the time and realized we needed to make haste like crazy people to make it to Ms. Deborah’s on time.

When we were at the beach, there was no racing from one activity to the next. The transitions were given a wide berth. Possibly, too wide a berth. (She winks) Tim and I would sit on the beach and over the next few hours we would lazily discuss what we should do that night. There was no rushing to fit everything in. We just let it be what it was meant to be.

So, leave extra time before you race out the door. Transitions filled with chaos only create stress. Trust me, it’s not worth cramming in that one extra reading lesson if it’s going to make you drive like a crazy person or snap at your children.

Allow for extra time to breath between the transitions.

Lyric and Bri discovering the Atlantic Stateside

Lyric and Bri discovering the Atlantic Stateside

Clue #12: Look for Pleasure

I give you permission to have fun. It may seem such an odd thing to say, but for some of us, we need to be reminded that God wants us to relax, rest, and have pleasure. He delights in this. There’s a million little ways He wants me to find joy in Him …and I am determined to find them.

C.S. Lewis said, “Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.” I couldn’t agree with him more. When I am lost in my book, coffee in hand, it is good. These are not wasteful minutes. My pleasure is His pleasure. A humbling thought that deserves celebration.

It’s ok to take a vacation. To relax. To laugh. To let go. He delights in us delighting in Life, in Him. So, look for pleasure and smile as you realize the joy you bring to Your Father.


“The glory of God is a human being fully alive; and to be alive consists of beholding God.”

~St. Irenaeus

As I end this series, my prayer is that you will find clues in your own lives that lead to a life lived to the fullest.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh closes Gift from the Sea with these words,

“Island living has been a lens through which to examine my own life in the North. I must keep my lens when I go back. Little by little one’s holiday vision tends to fade. I must remember to see with island eyes.”

May He give you eyes to see …

A Life of Focus

A Life of Focus

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